Student Oral Competition - Overview


The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Arizona Section is looking for students and volunteers to participate in the annual local student oral competition.

The volunteers will be expected to serve on a panel of three judges. These individuals will be expected to judge a presentation made by each student contestant containing a design, project, or research with a technical theme.

The goal is to give students an opportunity to practice technical presentation and to network with the local ASME section. Likewise, this will give local professional members an opportunity to interact with young engineers.

The topics which the students will present will be technical in nature and apply to science and engineering. Examples include a project that created or improved a product, solved an engineering problem, or answered a question of importance to other engineers.

The project may be a team or individual project. Each contestant will have fifteen minutes to present, followed by five minutes for a question and answer period open to judges and audience. In the presentation, the contestant will explain the impact of the project. How was engineering applied to solve the problem? What is the status of the project and expectations for its future development or application?

Each contestant is to be judged by the same individuals throughout, preferably ASME or other experienced professional society members, who are selected along with one or two alternates. The presentations will be judged on four categories; Content, Organization, Delivery and Effectiveness, and Discussion.

Judges will be expected to select First, Second, and Third Place winners based on the criteria specified in the competition score sheet. In case of a score tie, judges will deliberate and decide the top three rankings. The first three winners will be awarded cash prizes of $500, $300, and $200.

The date for the competition will be March 28, 2015 and will be held at the University of Arizona.